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Materials – The cellulose and the polyurethane foam

Building envelope specialists for almost 60 years, Isolation Mongrain will recommend insulation products that are perfectly suited to your project. Our team is familiar with all the materials on the market and is always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the field. In fact, research and development is one of our core strengths.


Isolation Mongrain

Cellulose is an all-natural and environmentally-friendly insulation material made from recycled and processed wood fibres. This is a non-toxic and fire-resistant product, which can be injected (into a floor, for example) or applied with a pneumatic device.


Isolation Mongrain

Polyurethane foam is a liquid that expands while sealing all interstices, forming a monolithic air barrier with incomparable efficiency. Sprayed or injected, polyurethane also offers, in minimal space, thermal and sealing resistance superior to any other product.