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Expertise (Our approach in insulation)

Isolation Mongrain distinguishes itself from other competitors by offering clients a unique consulting service. Our experts are true “house doctors”. Whether it’s blown-in insulation, soundproofing or fireproofing, we serve as expert consultants from the outset of your project. That’s precisely why, time after time, we are entrusted with the most complex insulation projects.

Isolation Mongrain

Our Isolation Mongrain team will consult with you regarding the best way to undertake your project, while saving you time, energy and resources. Building envelope specialists for nearly 60 years, we have the expertise to help you make informed decisions, choose the best insulation materials, carefully plan your work schedule, as well as reduce costs.

In order to provide sustainable solutions that maximize the energy efficiency of your buildings, our advisors identify problems at their source. Champions of ecological insulation, and always on the lookout for new trends, Isolation Mongrain makes technological innovation and research and development a top priority.


If a turnkey solution is what you need, Isolation Mongrain will manage every step of your project, from needs assessment to finishing touches! With our turnkey management solution, your project is managed from a to z, and any and all issues are resolved by Isolation Mongrain.